Stephanie robot with basic body articulation and basic face articulation. 

Adult Companion, Stephanie

$10,000.00 Regular Price
$5,900.00Sale Price
Hair Color
  • Adult Companion, Stephanie, Basic:

    We are offering our adult companion Stephanie robot at a discounted price if you choose this  standard option where Stephanie is optimized just for adult companion body movements.

    Included in this basic adult version of Stephanie:

    - 5 automated joints giving superb body movement for bed action.

    - All other joints utelise the our smart flexi-poseable joint solution

    - Speach control from the user to Stephanie and

    - Adult sounds from Stephanie.

    - Wig artificial hair as standard, choice of hair color.

    - Transplanted eyelashes and transplanted eyebrows with artificial hair.

    - Choice of skin color.

    - Choice of eye color. Standard realistic eyes.

    - 2 genital inserts. Choice of insert tightness.

    - Choice of nipple and outer genital color.

    - Optional artificial transplanted genital hair


    Not included in the price of the basic option price but can be added:


    - Real or artificial hair with these options: Hair permanently attached to Stephanies head by wig. Hair permanently attached through one by one transplant (most expensive option but very realistic).

    - Real hair for eyebrows and eyelashes.

    - Very realistic handmade eyeballs.

    - Eye control. Stephanie can move her eyes and blink with eyelids

    - Facial recognition. With this added option Stephanie will have facial recognition software activated. Eye contol required for this option.

    - Speech. Stephanie can talk with upgradeable speech AI

    - Genital sensors. Stephanie feels you and reacts to your motion. Reacts with sound and movement. Depending on the mode Stephanie will be syncronized with your movements. Highly Recomended Option!!

    - Auto lubrication of eyes.

    - Auto Lubrication of Genitals.

    - Arouseable Genitals, Genitals Swell.

    - Arouseable nipples. Nipples Swell.

    - Body Heating.

    - Hyper realistic skin paint for ultra realism.

    - Basic facial movement/expression. (for advanced facial expression please contact us first before ordering).

    - For more advanced body motion, neck motion, arm motions and more please contact us first before ordering.